Artist Statement

I use a dualistic approach to painting that explores both abstract and representational properties. I mainly use oil when it comes to painting, I will also use other medium if the project calls for it. The subject matter found in my work is largely autobiographical. I look for inspiration to my surrounding environment and experiences of the world, through figures, landscape, and architecture. Intuition takes over when working abstractly; I am able to freely explore properties of paint, ultimately allowing paint to be paint.

A dualistic approach to representation and abstraction allows each to influence the other while also allowing me to fully explore the medium of painting. The intuitive sub consciousness of abstraction activates a better understanding of painterly elements in the representational work. My approach to realism in the beginning of my journey was very rigid, overly detailed and time consuming. Over time the experimentation with abstraction my process has loosened up, become more fluid, textural and involves the entire body to react/control brush strokes. My abstraction has evolved concurrently with representational imagery. Developing from research and exploration to grasp and appreciate what paint represents, intuitively addressing composition, color, texture and other elements of art that function harmoniously together.

I have shown work in various places throughout Colorado and Wyoming including the Cheyenne Artists Guild, The Cheyenne Civic Center, Ester and John Clay gallery at Laramie County Community College. Art Lab in Fort Collins Colorado, The Phillip J. Steele Gallery and 40 West art Gallery in Lakewood, Colorado.